[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


Seeing MidnightBlue1 mention backgrounds reminded me that… They could have released backgrounds. I mean, if their argument is that their assets aren’t ready, because they haven’t been tested thoroughly, or whatever… Then why not release backgrounds or overlays? I mean, we know they have several we don’t, and the process of releasing them really can’t be that hard, since any of us can upload our own backgrounds, and all we need is the art, so… It really isn’t about what they can or cannot do, but rather what they want or don’t want to do.


I’d just like to say there are plenty of FTP games that give much more than Episode does. You may not be able to name any but off the top of my head I can immediately name Tera Online, AdventureQuest Worlds, and Neverwinter. FTP games I’ve played and enjoyed myself. AQW actually getting dedicated once a week updates with unique outfits, stories, quests and enemies. It also even has a similar layer based animation and movement style to Episode, along with a similar, albeit much more complex and well implemented art style

So no. Episode doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here


If you’re talking about me, when did I ever say anything super argumentative or rude?
If I offended anyone with what I said, by all means please DM me privately or let me know? I’m just putting forth a different side to a discussion.

Anyway I am out now and muting this entire thread. I really dislike conflict. The only reason why I popped in was because I couldn’t bit my tongue anymore on a couple of things. Really meant no harm to anyone.


That would have been cool to have some new backgrounds.


These look new.


Sadly, they are not.


Exactly! Backgrounds in particular mean more work for individual artists, but less work debugging in the long term.


(Release a damn London skyline already)






No harm done. I think it’s actually Episode’s fault for claiming that new assets take time (like they need to mature like a wine or something) when really more staff would make them come out faster.


Simply because I expressed a different viewpoint?
I don’t think I was rude to anybody (and if you felt I was please DM me). See, I hate this. I hate that some people on this forum make people feel like you can’t express your views.


I agree with this :slight_smile:


When an app like Episode say “it takes 11 months to…” the first thing we should all do is ask questions:

  • Why does it take so long?
  • How many people do you have working on it?
  • How many people could you afford to have working on it?


It’s Episode’s fault for making people believe their lies. It’s much easier to believe they’re doing their best than question their practices.


Episode—What are you doing to us?! :pensive:


Especially when they release pictures that serve no purpose other than to reinforce the idea that they don’t really care about the update and to tease us a little bit.


Can you bring this to a pm too?

Oh yeah it doesn’t take 11 months for freaking trashy stories they are slapping together with the budget of a ham sandwich, which they still get money on.


If they don’t even care enough to make sure the hairstyles in the picture have already been released, how can we trust them when they say they spent as much time as possible on the update?