[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business




Who’s gonna make the pm?


I could.


Can someone please? I’m making a blog post on everything that’s wrong with Episode so I’d love the input.


:kissing_smiling_eyes: Shell be making it. I’m kinda tired so if my points sound a little flimsy then sorry


Invite me.


Just did


Neverwinter is a AAA title, or at least an AA title which would have a bigger team with more resources than Episode. I’ll take your word for AQW though since I have no experience with that game. What I meant was that I don’t know of a game, in the same scale, that allows the players to play for free and create their own content for free. Kind of like how some AAA-studios release a modding tool that allows players to create their own content. I think that’s pretty cool and it’s a nice way of keeping the game alive and the cash coming in.


You’ve said it yourself, you’re usually appreciative of her posts. Maybe she had a good reason to speak out? Think of the logic, someone who’s usually positive finally speaks out about something. Wouldn’t the logical approach be: “wow, this person who’s usually positive is speaking up about something negative, this must be THAT serious.”

Because it is serious.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking up and protesting.

I’m tired of getting put down for trying to speak my mind and express my feelings. It’s that same action that affects of modern day protesters. People who protest women’s rights and black lives matter get told on a daily basis that, “stop whining” “you should be grateful” and blah blah.

Same with people who protest INK and wanting more updates. (Of course black lives matter and women’s rights are a much much more serious issue, it’s the response from others I’m comparing)

It’s that exact mindset that you guys are using on us creators. We’re realizing that episode isn’t showing us respect, and late updates aren’t the only thing. And you guys are telling us to shut our mouths and that our feelings don’t matter.

Episode takes down our stories for small violations, ignore our opinions, and manipulate us by milking out their content and updates so we stay refreshing and reading their stupid featured stories.

So yeah,

Sorry for being one of the few wanting to stand up for what I believe in and not keeping my mouth shut to win episodes favor. Sorry that I’m on the brink of anger with episode because they removed my story that took a year to make, that they don’t respond to my tickets where I desperately need help, and that they don’t use their time wisely to release updates they promised us and continue to shove in our face telling us “it’s coming soon” but soon is 3 months away. Sorry for being a creator who’s constantly disrespected and disregarded by episode; who’s had enough and finally has the courage to speak up despite deep down being afraid.

No. I won’t shut up. I won’t be grateful.


what was your story?


Not to Hot


there’s like four of these.


which one is yours?


Mine isn’t on episode. It was removed for violation


Exactly, It’s getting riduculous right now. I understand where they are coming from but they shouldn’t make annoucement pages get shut down over something so little.


awwwwwwww, I’m sorry. Did you keep a copy of the script?


And there’s evidence to point towards Episode making the same money as a game developer. (More in some cases) at least AA ones. Episode is not a small underdog, it’s a company. A successful one. Comparing it to anything would be fair if the example fits. True, Tera may not. AQW is a perfect example however for sure.


Aminata is so beautiful, I hope the hair & clothes from IP can be used by regular users soon


Sisters… Youtubers become millionaires by uploading just 20 minute vlogs every day… its about how much ads you see…

an episode is estimatedly 15 minutes… and we see 2 ads usually before playing…

idk what yall are doing but this is a mobile app. its not really expensive or hard to maintain ://


Yes!!! We need more hairstyles for black women desperately :sob::sob::sob: