[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


I want better versions of them


I don’t think they have any black people or others with that hair texture on their art team (i haven’t seen any so far) so what really can you expect? But the afros they have on the portal look like CORAL




They don’t sadly


Yup, its really hard to make a majority black episode story when there are sooo little styles to choose from, especially for guys (there are like 4)


And I am making most of my stories with black people and now I gotta for them these ugly made Afro hair styles plus straight silky hair. I need 4c, 4b, etc


half of my black female characters have relaxed hair and weaves, theres so little choices. It’s not fair :disappointed:


You need it better. I would love to read your story tho. Is it out or you are still working on it?


Still writing it, but college started so it pretty hard to get around to writing. I’m also waiting on some updates though


Just talked to the chief over the phone. We now have conformation that this ain’t it




u right chief this aint it and i dont even like limelight but they couldve done something so much better


That’s cool. Most games I play release things once or twice a year, and small things too… and we are making thousands of stories for Episode and usually not getting paid. And some of us pay them directly for gems and passes. Although Episode still provides a writing platform that is fun for a lot of people. There might not be very many people working for Episode in the first place.

But they made the platform, we together made tens of thousands of stories for free, and now:

It takes two weeks for Episode to make a dot that doesn’t always show.

What I want most is Limelight children, not a couple face dots.


And let me guess: you bent a minor rule that Episode always breaks with their stupid Episode Official stories? Especially with that “It starts with a bra” garbage most likely. Then they said "I’m sorry but we need to remove your story from existence because you had this spelling mistake that made it look like a bad word that we said seventy times in our new story called “Falling for the mean ugly stupid person”. Then they deleted your script and hacked your account and put pictures of their new mole feature over every single pixel and then said “read ‘it starts with a bra’”! for the fiftieth time after you said no push notifications. Then they broke all their guidelines with “it starts with a bra.”
They get to break all the rules they want but will give over the top consequences to hard-working users making non-profit stories.


There is nothing wrong with speaking out and I also tend to criticize a lot of things about Episode. I hate that they create content what is harmful for young readers. I get pissed off when someone’s work is taken down unfairly for unexisting reasons. But this thread is about a new update so any other issue what you bring up here is off-topic. And waiting 2 weeks for getting whatever updates is not that big deal to make such a drama about it. Again, they provide you a platform to write on for free. And for me this itself is a pretty good refund for the nonexistent money I invest in the company.
I really don’t care about updates, I’m glad if we get something but I don’t care. The only reason why I commented here is because I see that you do care and I’m not sure this attitude will get you anywhere. Expressing disappointment is fine, but not the way you are doing it. Tell you expected more, ask why questions. I hope that Episode will continue with the regular updates, but after this I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.


Why is it ok to criticize Episode about their featured stories but anything other than that is God forbid? Its the same thing once again. Why are yall so controlling :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s okay to criticize anything, I just think this was overreacted and the whole thing is over a tiny issue. I understand it is important for many people, but it’s not something that we should be disgusted about. But that’s just my opinion and I know I already made more posts here than I should have to, I just wanted to answer @ZADDY’s question with my point of view.


Thank you for completely disregarding my points and practically restating yourself.

Again, you’re blowing us off and disregarding my/our feelings.

I like how you made it about you, and used your own preference as a point and proof when Opinions are unreliable.

You have no right to tell me otherwise, you’re being rude and your “attitude” wasn’t asked for cough. You’re contradicting yourself by arguing with a bunch of people online. You say we’re not getting anywhere and wasting our time but you’re doing the exact same thing by arguing with us. Did you really think you could change our minds by attacking us? No.

Also, again: telling us we’re wasting our time is exactly what I was talking about. You guys blow us off every time we’re expressing our opinion, when we argue for ink, when we’re upset we spent 5 hours refreshing the announcement page only for their to be no update, and that episode continues to flaunt updates in our faces and promise us they’ll be out “very soon” but it’s still been months since then.

Lmao, do you really think they’re repaying us because their platform is free and that they give us a voice (that they continuously muffle with guidelines)? You do realize that user stories are the sole purpose for traffic and reads on the app, that only a small percentage of creators actually get paid for their hard work. Traffic and downloads gets episode revenue and money. We are the consumers and producers. So any unpaid author is actually getting episode free money. So there’s nothing wrong with us being picky or “ungrateful” as you put it, because it’s typical for consumers and producers to expect certain assets for a company to make their job and experience easier.

The point is, you’re acting ignorant and please refrain from trying to shut us down. You’re actually contributing to the drama you so desperately hate as you put it, and continue to contradict yourself just by responding to this topic. You’re being off topic as well.

Defending episode and trying to come across as a episode warrior won’t get you anything. Episode won’t praise you. Episode won’t get you anything.

Stop wasting your breath and the reality is, you’re contributing to the negativity of this thread just as much. So please, think about your own actions before you judge ours.


I totally agree with this!
This wouldn’t be such a huge deal if they didn’t keep repeating their mistakes over and over again as well.
If it was a one time off thing it most likely would’ve been shrugged off, but they just seem to keep disappointing us, promising us things but aren’t really able to keep their promises, but then keep breaking them again.
I know it’s hard to keep promises, but if that’s the case, if they’re not sure, then at least don’t make those promises or at least if something happens with that promise at least warn us ahead of time instead of on that day…
It’s truly disappointing.


The thing is, Episodes seems to use ‘creating assets takes months and months to create and to perfect’ as an excuse to give us limited assets each weak, (I’m definitely not denying that it doesn’t, as an artist and an animator I can totally vouch that it really does take ages)…

However, I’ve seen assets that have not been released to us that episode uses in their own original stories like, Instant Princess, Positively Princess, Love life, Cameron Dallas: Started with a lie, etc (Those Episode Original Stories). Assets like clothing, hair, backgrounds, overlays, animations etc… and they seem to work just fine in their own stories without much problem
Instead of making us wait months for a new assets, and using that the reason ‘we haven’t been able to release much assets is because they take a long time to create’ talk, why can’t they just release the ones that they flaunt in their own stories that is not available to us.

The assets that are not available to us have been in the app for months now and yet they are still not getting released at all. Most of them have been rarely released.

So what about those assets Episode?