[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


The thing is, Episodes seems to use ‘creating assets takes months and months to create and to perfect’ as an excuse to give us limited assets each weak, (I’m definitely not denying that it doesn’t, as an artist and an animator I can totally vouch that it really does take ages)…

However, I’ve seen assets that have not been released to us that episode uses in their own original stories like, Instant Princess, Positively Princess, Love life, Cameron Dallas: Started with a lie, etc (Those Episode Original Stories). Assets like clothing, hair, backgrounds, overlays, animations etc… and they seem to work just fine in their own stories without much problem
Instead of making us wait months for a new assets, and using that the reason ‘we haven’t been able to release much assets is because they take a long time to create’ talk, why can’t they just release the ones that they flaunt in their own stories that is not available to us.

The assets that are not available to us have been in the app for months now and yet they are still not getting released at all. Most of them have been rarely released.

So what about those assets Episode?


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Last time I checked the topic of this thread was the release of new blazers. How about we get back on track? Thanks. :peace_symbol:


Welp… I appreciate the blazers! They look cute but I hope we get some heels and new skirts to go with them. :blush:

I hope there will be a bigger update next week! I mean, why wouldn’t there be one, when they have had more clothing of Limelight, ever since it was created! We need more clothing and facial tech as well! Not just featured stories! They are not qualified enough anyways! :blush:


Unless you use an overlay, but you would need to use at least two for it to look good.


But they don’t provide us with such overlays…


Yes! You need to be able to put someone in between two overlays, otherwise they end up sitting on the arms


I saw a story that did this once.


Anyway, going back on topic…
I really like the new blazers I can make a proper stylish CEO with these blazers.

The moles are cool as well



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People would stop if they didn’t take this thread in the wrong direction.


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Most of the post are off topic and are complaints about how upset the person is about this “small” update. so it’s really not on topic just like this has become.


But towards the end, some people did like the update. Besides, it’s true. The update was kinda disappointing, and that’s people’s opinions. Can’t change that.