Limelight- Looking For Outfit Creator

Hi Lovelies,
I’m asking or help creating outfits for the Fantasy Contest Story. You will of course be credited. I’m not the greatest with outfits and since I need a specific look/theme, I could really use help creating them. I’m able to find what I need in Ink but I think the character facial options for this particular story are better in limelight, so I’d much rather prefer to create in limelight.

I’d appreciate assistance with this. Feel free to pm or contact me on instagram @penspaperanddreams


I can help!

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Just sent a message!

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Cool! Thanks.

by “creating outfits” do you mean an art scene?


Hi! I’d love if someone wanted to do an art scene!

But I meant outfits for the characters to wear

Wait… whaaat? We can make our own outfit design and use it in our story? I thought the outfits that we can use are just in the art catalog by episode only :hushed: How to upload our outfits to episode?

note: You can see my artwork in my instagram bellarina.episode and if you like it, I’d be really glad to help you make one :wink: but I can’t do it in rush due to a few requests I’m still working on right now.

No I’m talking about the outfit in the outfit creator.

Ok! I’ll check it out thank you!

Hi I don’t have insta but I’m really good with designing characters faces and outfits based on who they are what their personality is and what their story is about/background story

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Sent you a PM

sorry but the character designing group is full and I am almost bout to delete the form cause we started

Confused. You posted on my thread which asked for someone to help me design for my fantasy story. I don’t know anything about a group? @zoe4564

oh oops sorry I am getting emails and thought it was for my writing group

That’s ok! :blush:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: