[Limelight] Looking Sharp!


Handsome :heart_eyes:


Cool, I was hoping for new glasses, though some new hair would be awesome :eyeglasses:


Same. These look so cool. :sunglasses:




nice :heart_eyes:


Wow, these look awesome.


I would really like some more princessy outfits - ballgowns and such from instant princess and positively princess






Same. Very beautiful hope they will release those soon. :sunglasses:


Yay! It will be so fun to add these to some of my characters :smiley:


Hm, I would go with black…


Noice :nerd_face:


@EpisodeShadow what do u think?


Oldie looking BAD! :nerd_face:


Oddly enough, I was just thinking I could use some goggles! I think it would be cool to have some that could be worn across the forehead, as though they are temporarily pushed back, but I’m glad to have these. They are very Dr. Horrible.


ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :sunglasses: :eyeglasses: :raised_hands:t3:


I think that it’s pretty cool of them to still release stuff after a big update with hair, lips and clothes, so cheers episode.


This update is pretty casual but I really like. Nice variations of glasses. :smile:



I really like these. They remind me of my old glasses :joy: