[Limelight] Looking Sharp!


yh. @lanafrazer.episode


So happy! I needed extra glasses to fit the fashion-style I’m going for with my MC. Also, coming from a girl who wears glasses it’s nice to have a variety of it. :nerd_face:


Thank you Episode Team! I now need to change the eyewear on my characters- ooh, I was getting bored of the same type! :heart:


Another awesome update! Finally some cute glasses! Good job episode, slowly but surely increasing diversity.


Love the circle ones so cuute and the steampunk ones are cool


Finally, Episode is kinda listening to us! :neutral_face:



:face_with_monocle: Hi…


Hi, I feel like you know who I am from my first post!


Maybe. :smirk:




Took 2 years for you to finally hear us. What a shocker episode. :roll_eyes:

We weren’t totally sitting there, waiting for this hair and stuff.






Nice, Thank you :slight_smile:
I think the new glasses should have a little more opacity inside cause they are really hmm… Visible? They cover a face too much. Especially on black people. Also, can you release the smaller version of nerdy glasses? The current ones are ridicculously big :grin:


I love this, but I wish males could also have the golden visor! It looks great and I hope it’s implemented! :kissing_heart:


Yay these are cool. Next, I think we need more formal and wedding dresses for limelight


I’m a mad scientist!! Lol




Question, are they fully released yet? @Liz


I have everything there, so I’m pretty sure it’s fully released