[Limelight] Looking Sharp!


ehhh def a dull update compared to the last one

least my epi dumb bihhh avatar matches with my irl equally dumb biih-lookin self looool


Nice! :+1:


Ok thx.


You so cute! :heart_eyes:


Looks just like you!! Heeheeeheee


Yes! Also more fantasy clothing and such!


Omg I love these, so perfect for a story I have planned :scream:


Well. I’m happy for the steampunk looking googles, definitely could use more steampunk and sci-fi stuff - but I am still waiting for more fantasy/steampunk/scifi related releases… clothing, weapons/staves/wands… maybe some old piratey looking guns. it’s something promised at the start of limelight and it’s yet to come… I’ve been very disappointed about this. I feel like limelight should have been released in a better state, covering all features and ethnicities. Get the basics done first before releasing. the way it was released has created a lot of uproar and disappointed a lot of people. Changing all the skin tones after release was pretty crappy too, now my skin tone doesn’t even exist and I have to redo a bunch of overlays… so disappointed with the way limelight has rolled out entirely.




I feel the same and that should have gone with the other styles. Why not release it when everything is done? It’s just annoying having to wait for things and such limited stuff to use in the process.


Well I mean at least the basics, the fact it was missing a ton of features, skin tones, and hair styles suitable for all ethnicities was unacceptable, that part definitely should have been in the main build before release. Like cover the basics at the very least and give us clothes and stuff later :weary: Id have way rather waited and have them release it more solid so people didn’t feel so upset that it seemed like an afterthought. I’ll just wait 67 years for fantasy stuff, or build my own game :joy:


I thought it was going too be knives or sharp weapons of some sort based on the title. I was wrong.


Is it true that braces have officially been released to the community as well? I saw a story with a character who had braces on but I can’t find it.


It’s in the lip section. One of the lips says braces. Maybe you can take a look? It looks nice.


thanks so much !


You are so fucking beautiful!


Queeeen, slay!!!


thank you, LL and episode team… I just loved it so much…


Giving Dr Bone an R :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ty for the sugar sweet comments, habibis!

I agree with someone saying that the glasses could use some transparency/sheer opacity tho. I would like my character to see as much as I do through clear glasses lol