[Limelight] Looking Studded

It’s really not difficult, from a programming perspective. I’m obviously not looking at or privy to their coding, but any programmer worth their salt should be able to do it.


Here is the translation of what she or he said:
Jews / Israelis in Episod can not represent themselves because there are no kippot and other things of Jews. Although you did nothing for that but my friends and I did fight for representation that will probably come soon. Even others deserve things for them just as ours deserves and it is chutzpah on your part that you are even criticizing the apprehension they have feared. You disgust me.

Dear Episode team,

I would like to have more nose piercing options:
a) Gold nose ring
b)Gold nose ring with diamonds
c)Gold nose stud with varying number of stones : 1 stone, 3 stone, 5 stone and more
d) Bridal nose ring with chain

Bridal veils in different colors can be added.

Salon and Piercing studio can be added

Scissors, piercing needles…spray bottle for the above background support.

Thank you in advance!

Hey, you may want to go to the art request threads and support them or create your own, because episode won’t respond on art update thread


Thanks Zhasmin,

I am new here…
I have created a request thread.

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Just in case… It’s been 2 years since this release. It definitely needs an upgrade. Hoping for it soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump… Waiting for an update on this