[Limelight] Looking Studded


They added a belt??? Faints


fans well dang! XD


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So true. The continuous revealing clothing is annoying. Like we don’t already have enough. :roll_eyes: The nose piercings are fine and the belt too but still, it does not compare to what we really need and asked for. But I’m going to appreciate this update. Just this one because atleast this is a requests we did ask for. Not giving them the benefit of the doubt.


My heart is torn in two! :broken_heart: Not being able to use freckles/moles with the piercings sucks! :sob:


Thank you!
Only wish the boots could have been in some more neutral shades, like black and brown, and the skirt’s a bit to low in the front but it works.
But the nose studs, THE NOSE STUDS :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I noticed that too. It sucks.


aww really that sucks :broken_heart:


Agreed. I was gonna say something amusingly on yet again, promises from years ago not being kept. Not to mention I’d get flagged once again for pointing it out.

This is better than last weeks update tho, but how hard could it be to release a dot (mole) and piercings? I kinda get it with clothes, but piercings? Eh…


I can FINALLY make my self-avatar look like me 100% with the nose studs. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Can you send a ticket to support about this? We can let the art team know and they may be able to fix it.


Loving the piercings!


Still don’t know/understand why they insist on having face features - like the freckles and tattoos- under clothing…


Eh, to be honest, I’m not too hyped about this update :joy: but they look nice, yeah!


So true! :unamused:


I’m kinda weirded out how we have nose bridge tats over hoops and septums.

Maybe its just me, but when it comes to nose piercings, I’ve never seen nose bridges nearly as much done if at all.

Not saying its bad tho!




don’t know about the heels I guess that I’m not a big fan of them :sweat_smile:


I thought they would be cute but eh…I need a nice skirt with it.


o hold on they do but it doesn’t really look great