[Limelight] Looking Studded


I know right! Theyre stunning!:heart_eyes:


Finally some thigh high boots that are usable. The other ones barely work with other clothes


Finally finished these two lovers:




No offense, but do you guys try out your updates before, well, updating?
There is always something.


Anyone here ever have a nose bridge piercing? I haven’t, but I’m adding it to one of my characters. However, I’m not sure if it’s feasible that she would take it out at night, or leave it in all the time. I take my ear piercings out, but I know not everyone does, and I don’t know if a bridge piercing is any harder to put back in.

I ask because I’m wondering whether my character should wear it when she’s in her PJ outfit, or if it even matters.


Im not gonna go off today but hey! These are dayum cute :heart_eyes: My heiress’ new favorite article of clothing!!!

“I don’t care if you think they’re gaudy! I’m living for these boots!”


I think you leave it in! I leave in my septum piercing and helix piercings over night.




Are those espadrille-looking heels the “Spiked Slip On Flats Cotton Grey Black” just very poorly named? :sweat_smile: Or did they just include different shoes in the promo picture? I can’t find either in my assets yet, but everything else seems to have updated.


Love the new boots!

But can we please get more natural hairstyles soon?


Are the boots… Supposed to look like this?


It seriously looks like one of those blank drawn body sketches extended into heels.


Honestly. I’m a little disappointed.


It’s weird, since it hasn’t been fully released to everyone yet, but I feel like I already had these new animations from months ago…???


I didn’t notice till I saw the skirts on the portal


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Piercings??? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


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and omg this update is AMAZING