[Limelight] Looking Studded


dang they are so cute! :heart_eyes:


@EpisodeShadow you need to give me some tips on dressing my characters like that. :grin:


There is a pair that actually fits the description!


I was confused too at first, but there they are! And they look kinda cool!


OMG he is gorgeous :heart_eyes: :fire:

Also, thank you for these updates Episode team! :sunny:


hes so smexyyyyy :heart_eyes:


Eh. I just go with the flow. :sweat_smile:


ahh okay. Master. :sunglasses:


I know. I commented again later once I found them under men’s footwear. The post had listed them as women’s. Only dudes get slippers in Limelight!


But–but I want slippers. :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh ok, looks like i just skipped over the post.


SAME! I’m working on a whole story that takes place in PJs, basically, and all the ladies are barefoot and freezing.




Is anyone not seeing this yet?


Oh nevermind. It says it’s for women but it’s for men haha :sweat_smile:




Yeah, I hate it when this happens.


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Oh wait not happened yet! :joy:

Anyways, cool stuff but there’s a glitch.

awkwardly positions jeans in boots

Also, I don’t know if anyone remembers this from a while back? Like when the round puffy cheek face was released and this started happening?

Hm. At least that face doesn’t have to worry about lip colours.


The second scared me :scream:


I sent a support ticket about it. I’ll post the response on this thread when it comes


Yeah still happens to me all the time