[Limelight] Looking Studded


thanks for catching that!

Probably not.




Will there be any other piercings at some point? I’d love lip rings (hoops), the ability to add more piercings to the ear etc.

Piercings are a big improvement, and it is appreciated.


Smart :slight_smile:




The issue is that they’ve essentially made the piercings a tattoo. If they’d made it an accessory, then I don’t think there would be a problem having freckles/moles and the piercings.


Very nice update! Piercings are rad
Always grateful for the updates


This goth metalhead character now look more complete!!


He looks awesome! As soon as I saw him I had Motörhead playing in my mind.


Lol…i know right😂


I got a response about the glitchy boots:

“Thanks for providing me with your feedback on these assets. I appreciate you sharing your experience with the game. It always helps the team to hear directly from players. I will pass your report along to the game team.”


I like the nose piercings and the studded belt.

Though the studded clothes and boots um…

I think I’m good. I don’t think I’ll rule it out but um… Issa lil ugly. To me anyway


:joy: This helped my mood. Thanks.


I don’t know if it happens with both nose piercings, or moles too, but freckles and the piercings don’t show up together. When is this going to be fixed? i need my character’s aesthetic to be just right :joy:


Unfortunately, you can only have piercings or freckles, not both.


Ah fudge nuggets.


What a lovely update to come back to!! <3 <3

Thanks Episode team! Much appresh, can’t wait for next update! <3 <3