Limelight: Lying in Beds

Okay, I’m new to making stories in Episode and I’m making a limelight story and I’m trying to get my character to lay in bed but it’s not working and she doesn’t appear? Can someone help me?

Delete the parenthesis from the behavior.

It worked, but I still don’t see my character. Is there something wrong?

By worked, I mean I didn’t get a warning, it went green and said, “Chapter Saved.”

You probably have the wrong spots :thinking: let me check

Okay, thank you so much :blush:

I just realized, for this action, you have to have your character to face right

Thank you so much :grin: The Episode community is so nice.

It is! :smiley: we will answer all your questions :slight_smile:

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Hello How do I put my character lying in the right direction.She is lying but she is in wrong direction?

@CHARACTER faces left/right :slight_smile:

Oh ok let me try left then

Hmm she is still in the same direction even when i put left

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

How do i do that on computer?

  1. Ctrl + Print scrn?
  2. You can also take a picture with your phone
  3. Or copy and past a part of your script here

BENEDICTE (talk_exhausted)

I am so tired and I am going bed ,another heavy day tomorrow.

@cut at zone 3

@BENEDICTE walks to screen center

@BENEDICTE spot 1.280 159 2 in screen center AND BENEDICTE faces left.
@BENEDICTE is walk_offset_rear
@BENEDICTE is lay_asleep_loop

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@BENEDICTE spot 1.280 172 330
@BENEDICTE moves to layer 3

BENEDICTE spot 1.280 159 2 in screen center AND BENEDICTE faces left.

Remove in screen center.
This is not a valid directing command :ok_hand:

oh ok
what should i put and i want to send you the pick but dont know how to screen shot on computer