[Limelight] Make it a Date


no, only rear


Ah, thanks to you both anyways.


AHHHHH DRESS WITH POCKETS :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes: My character always complained about not having pockets for dresses this will make for some nice scenes with her and her friends!




OMG! It so does




The dance battle in these comments was so very funny!!


I’m happy there is holding hands animations now
Better than just kissing to show affection, especially if the love is only one sided and it gets awkward!!


I totally won. But it was a very close match.


i haven’t checked the animations yet in the catalog, doing it now, but can girls also do the lift chin to other girls or does it look weird and out of place? :thinking:


I saw it done in Instant Princess and it didn’t look weird at all.


My heart skips a beat! OMG. I love it!!


YES! happy dance that works perfectly for a story :blush: Thanks!


Hey everyone,

We noticed a bit of missing parity for some of these animations so we’re doing an extra release of the animations today to ensure that they can be applied to both male and female avatar types. We’ve updated the OP to show the list of what’s been released.


Thank you!


Love your name, honestly love it :tea:


Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


Oh wow. Thank you so much. :smile:


Thank you so much!!! :scream::hearts::grin:


lol ty! @Paris.Writes we need to do a dance battle thread. @Minoesje lol