[Limelight] Make it a Date


Let’s do it!


Who is your dancer called again?


Ill make a thread. lol


This is really confusing! Are these the official names?


Not really. The generic part of it isn’t added on to the portal names.


Good catch! Just fixed it to just be the animation names.


These sound/look great. Thank you for the LL update! :slight_smile: The men shirts are exactly what I’ve been looking for. And these dresses will certainly help, as well!


I’m so happy these have been released! Now everything is perfect!




Already commented on this thread, but this is seriously awesome, right around the time it’s Valentines’ Day. IMO, perfect timing :joy: :heart:


I don’t know if it’s me but the characters are not standing in the same spot as you spotted them when you use some of the new animations. This makes it way harder to code them… Maybe this should be looked into?




Oh yay thank You. These are sexy. Can we please have more wedding dresses and ball gowns next?


Yes we need wedding dresses


What is the name of the animation the girl is doing


it’s flirt_liftchin_receive_shy


Thank You


Yes exactly! That’s my problem too. Support!


Finally found it lmao