[Limelight] Make it a Date


Lol :joy:


“Dont make me bring my powers on you bruh!”


Ugh, people and their powers. Fight man to man bruh


“Step up! Let’s get it over with!”


this me dying of laughter! omg! xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


I really LOVE new clothes and animations.

But what I really appreciate - I love that we have the same animations for both genders AND that finally they are CONSISTENT (I mean the system of naming them). That was something I hated in Ink and I’m grateful that finally everything is organized! It’s a pleasure to write stories in LL.


You call that fighting?!
This is fighting


“Damn didnt see that coming!”


when you create characters, there’s a little button at the bottom that says “OUTFITS”, if you click on that it’ll open you to the outfit catalog, just click on an article of clothing to add it. When coding it, simply write:
@CHAR changes into [outfit]
for example:
@VANESSA changes into vanessaschool


“Take that!”


Of course not! Because I’m quick like a viper


There actually is a “need to pee” animation! It just hasn’t been released to everyone yet.

Screen cap


Thanks for the animations! It was needed. :heart:


“Oh pa-lease” XDDD


Lol IKR xd


what’s the story??


the shirts are for all guys lol.
You haven’t seen a straight man wear pink before? sis come on


And your punch? Missed me! @lanafrazer_episode


College-ish. It’s only available to new users for some reason.


That seems creepy