[Limelight] Make it a Date


What she said was just offensive in my opinion but whatever…I rather not try with them.


Yeah. Honestly, until the character said he had to pee, I thought something else was going on.

I like the animations in this update much more! :joy:


“Ok OK u win. I admit defeat.” @Paris.Writes


lol "Mom! Mom! Mommy! MUM! MA!




these new animations are amazing but i barely know how to use the kiss animations :joy:
guess I will have to use them later down the road.


Can we atleast get a covering for the dress? I don’t like that everything has to be revealing for the girls. A turtle neck that isn’t cropped or sleeveless would be nice…


Why isn’t that have to pee animation open to all users?


Thank you New York and Good Night! (I don’t actually live in New York)


Awesome acting.


Why thank you


it is open to everyone. :thinking:


Maybe it will be eventually. I think the handholding animation was in the K*ss List before they released it to everyone. Same with the finger bite in Love Life.




I think they are referring to the one with the guy holding his hands in front of him, rather than the girl receiving the embrace from this update.


ahhh ok.


omg :heart_eyes:


I really cannot believe it: love animations that can be used for same sex lovers?? Shooketh


Thank you!:revolving_hearts:



apparently we can’t :woman_shrugging:
Call me weird but I would have liked the chest part of this dress to be a bit more covered.

or this one a bit more because to me it doesn’t say: valentine to me but thats just me