Limelight Male Hand [overlay]


I’ve always wished that there would be overlays of hands in every skin colour so that I could simply code them in my story and they would work for a customised character.

While writing a story I took the time to roughly create that for male limelight characters. Hope you find them useful and not too shabby :slight_smile: If you need the hand to face the other way, flip it vertically in any photo editing app.


Moved to Resources! Way to lend a hand :v:t2:


Thank you! Sorry, I didn’t know exactly where to put this :))


It would be cool, I agree. :thinking:


It’s amazing !!!
I was searching for something like this…


Glad I could be of help :slight_smile:


This is really great, do you think you could do the same for female? Also can I use these? I’d give credit in the story.


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