[Limelight] New Clothes and Scars!


Bisssssh yes!
I can finally make my avatar like me!
(I’ve had a scar since I was 6 on my cheek. Plus some other characters need scars.)


Didn’t it appear to you that this is due to technical issues? But yeah, Offensive


Hey…Hey. Hey Episode…–Thank you. :blush: Is it weird that I wanted socks?


kinda like light brown or maybe any kind of grey skin u can see it.


I know there issue is that the parts are both on the face. But isn’t there some way to override that? Like, layering? Please, it kinda sucks we have to choose one or the other.


Technical issues? They’re the ones who control how things are programmed. They choose to continue it in this manner.


no it isn’t I want those aswell!!!



I really like these tops





I like the colors. :grin:


Yes, they started working on Limelight to make things better- especially those which where not possible on ink. By this I can think they’ll soon release new characters style, to fix mistakes they’re doing now. :smiley:

But I’m satisfied with this release :heart:



That’s really cute.


imagine if they had…hm…pink and black or pink and white.


YESSSSS!!! Finally!!


isnt it weird that I wanted sandals, dresses, more dirty clothes like zombie clothes, knights clothing, peasant clothing, and other stuff lol


but I am loving this updateeeeeeeee :heart_eyes:


Yay! Thank you. Excited about scars, and glad to have that dress in a few more colors. I like the silver but some of the others are a bit better for slightly less formal wear… Also good to have the more tartan shirt colors that can be worn beyond just around the waist.

NO! I want socks and slippers. :blush: There are a variety of comfortable and/or pajama clothes, but nothing cosy to wear on your feet with them! Guys have a few slippers, but there are none for the female avatar.