[Limelight] New Clothes and Scars!


when the guys love the scars for their stories.


thanks for the tip ! it’’ a CC character though but I will change it !




I had to take a screenshot from my phone cuz comp wasnt workin :sob:

Yasmine got a new outfit :sunglasses:




Thank you episode! :sparkles:

The dresses our super cute and I was waiting for more colors, and yes the flannels! I was waiting for them. I also don’t really need scars but they are also great!

Do you guys think that Episode should make the scars different colors? Or like maybe some deeper shades of dark red?




Thank you for this update!
However, I will continue insisting that we get more yellow clothes! I wish this dress also came in yellow! :pray::sob:


Since they made those shirts quite some time ago…

…and now they only made additionals in other colors,

I’m wondering, they often give us release like that,… do they save them for rainy days? Why don’t they give us more colors immediately?


Support! It’d be super cute in yellow


I don’t think they did because that flannel was another character’s outfit for Pitch perfect the featured story so maybe that’s why and they weren’t planning too at first?


I’m surprised there isn’t much negativity right now (that hasn’t been addressed anyway). I guess I’ll just say - thanks Episode team ^^ You’re the best!!


Thank you for the scars, finally something useful. BUT I still don’t get it why such features are in clothing department :thinking: this should be in customization, tattoos and freckles included. Oh well.


they should but at least we got some scars so I’m happy


I wish they would be! But all face “add-ons”, freckles, piercings, scars, moles, are not compatible with one another. You can only have one :disappointed_relieved:


the only problem I have with this update is that…
I have to add them to each different individual outfit🙄


I agree, to make it more easier, but hopefully they will fix it soon.


at least a lot of people like the update but I do agree with people if you @Jesse and the team would make it possible for us to add them all on (all the scars freckels , piercings , moles) at the same time that would make this perfect ! and @_Gigi her idea would have been very easy for us this way we don’t have to remember things like: Oh yeah I still need to add the scar!. doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with what we got right now


Omg scars!! This is so cool!!