[Limelight] New Clothes and Scars!


Thats exactly what they do. Im dissatisfied with update. Its a no for me


I’m just triggered by the fact that if I wanted to go FULL ON CC mode, I’d need to create like 5 extra outfits instead of 1 lol. Like who has time for this? If you already got like 15 outfits in the story then it’s simple math, 15x5= 75 OUTFITS. Nah, honey, not happening.


Absolutely ridiculous. :roll_eyes:


same that is so annoying :see_no_evil: and my clothing section already loads so slow so nah I can’t add those full CC that would just be impossible !


Can anyone tell what pants the guy on the left of the instagram release photo for this update is wearing? The character with the denim jacket…

I feel like it MIGHT be the wrinkled baggy jeans in camel or green, but it doesn’t look quite right to me in the portal. Trying to figure out what to pair with this jacket so my characters aren’t wearing blue from head to toe.


i love the clothes :grin:

black? now we’re talking about :sunglasses:

i needed to do this



i think is this one:

Jeans Baggy Wrinkle Denim Green


Hooradio Ga Ga!!! I’m sososo exciteeeed to use thesezaz! Tyssssssm. Yaszaz!!!


Can finally make my (faux) bad boizzz reach their true potential


smexy :heart_eyes:


Dang. They actually look cool to me from like the thigh up, but I can’t get over how baggy they seem at the bottom. I think these “baggy jeans simple belt” pants, though not the ones in the release photo, look a little better around the shoes:

Thoughts? They are QUITE green.

I need some neutral, brown jeans that aren’t super baggy or ripped.





YYYEEEESS Ive been asking for scars for soooo long!! Awesome update :raised_hands:


Not tattoos because those can be removed or added during the story you would think…:thinking:


I created a thread less than a week ago asking for this :joy:


Exactly why it should be a customization. If I want a tattoo, I add it, if I don’t want it, I don’t add it, if I had it and don’t want it anymore, I remove it.


I’m going with black. Whomp whomp. It’s not exciting, but I think it lets the denim jacket/hoodie take central focus. Anyhow, I’m open to suggestions on what other casual, practical pants this guy could wear with this top.


Pretty Cool.


I wonder which movie premiere my baby, Jordan, is showing up to this time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: