[Limelight] New Clothes and Scars!


If you’re looking for brown version?


Thanks! I tried them, and I think they look a little toooooo baggy around the feet. The ones I have on in the photo are the belted version, which are just a little slimmer through the leg. Maybe I’ll try to get used to the looser ones, though, since I do like the wash better.


Love the scars and clothes


I thought you’re looking for those on Episode’ Photo.

I think we have only one jeans Brown pants.


Oh, I was initially looking for those, but I didn’t like them as much in the portal in full view as I did on the instagram post. :frowning:




Thank you Episode for hearing our requests and giving us scars! Are there going to be any military or apocalyptic clothing to go along with them?


Great update this week, guys. Thank you! :revolving_hearts:




This is SOOOO amazing! I love it. I think this will work perfectly with my story and I imagine the Adventurous contest as well. I see some people saying it doesn’t work well with darker skin colors but I haven’t had any issues so far. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Welcome to the community!!:tada::tada::tada:


Yessss! Episode did good this week, I’m excited to use scars and the new outfits in my story! I said this on Instagram but I’ll say it once more, maybe we could get sounds/backgrounds for future updates? That would be AMAZING


Thank you :grin:


Aaah thank you!!!


I’m loving these scars! They fit perfectly with the Adventurous contest right around the corner :scream::scream::heart::heart::heart:


I kinda wanted long dresses, not more short ones, but I’m happy because this update is useful


Peasant/medieval clothing I would freak out forrrrrr!!


Thanks guys! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the scars was Harry Potter lmao




Thanks for the update.:grin::grin::grin: when you guys have time, will you make bruise faces?