[Limelight] New Clothes and Scars!


I dont usually put dresses on this character but this is aesthetically pleasing! When I saw the instagram post for the update I was saying “If only this dress was black”:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


The 0-3 scars might actually show up better on dark skinned characters


heck yes !


Now to wait for boxing gloves, and a mouth guard and my girl is ready to be a boxer :laughing:


Oooh and / or hand wraps


this gave me an ideaaa

lowkey giving me witch vibes :thinking:


Yes!!! This is a LOOK!


Now I want a witch costume! :scream:


I’m really happy with this update! Of course I could list a ton of things I was hoping for, but let’s just appreciate the work the team puts in.
I’m guessing the scars are in the clothing section cause if a character gets injured and you want them to have a scar for a while BUT not for the whole story, you can do it. I wish we could layer them with freckles and piercings tho, but maybe we’ll get there some day.


That was my first thought too. Technically, though, it might be like having a bald character. You can’t have a character change their hair to “bald” in the script, but you can do it in the portal, so the way around it is by creating a bald twin. I guess with facial features, it might also have the same problem with @CHARACTER changes freckles to none being unsupported, in which case I can see why they thought including them with outfits might be less work than creating a bunch of twins. Unfortunately, if you have lots of wardrobe changes, it becomes MORE work.

I’m not sure why changing a hairstyle to “bald” and changing freckles to “no freckles” wouldn’t be supported by the script. But I also know little about coding and am largely reliant upon guides. :sweat_smile: I’d THINK it would be easier for people to work freckles, etc. into the CC than outfits, but I’m far from an expert.


There should be a system of both scars and freckles
Many freckled people have scars


Saw the word ‘Scars’ in the title.

Started singing Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara for some reason :eyes:


Thank you! I’ve been waiting for scars…


Thank god for the scars, would be very useful for me!


Amazing update! :slight_smile:


Why can’t we have scars with the moles :tired_face::pensive:


Cute n.n


Is it wrong I’m most excited about the blazers? Lol


No i like a good Blazer


Aww, you used that character! :heart: