[Limelight] New Short Hairstyles


Not sure if it’d be the right name for her though.


I like it, it’s a unique name


I knew you’d say that! That’s my strong Muslimah


Ok, keeping it.


Oh my! Thank you so much!!!


Awesome!! Although the brown black color doesn’t appear for me yet.




Love her so pretty :blush:


Finally able to complete the principal. The Short Wavy Hair Solid is the typical mom hair and made her look older than she actually is before.


Oh man new hairs for the men yesssss! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My very own Marilyn Monroe –



This reminds me of Emily Fields from PLL so much.


Thank you sooo much this has made my day :smile::smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can finally create my classic Hollywood actors :laughing::laughing::laughing:


lovin this hairstyle!


They’re stunning omg


What about an option for Double Buns without the bangs, and of course lowering the hairline a bit to make up for the lack of bangs. Having both choices would offer more variety and versatility. Bangless does feel fitting for that style.


They both look amazing but personally, the 2nd x


how to update the customization in the script? Im new sorry!

so sorry if this is also off topic:( I just really want to know. once i know the answer i will quickly delete this comment! :heart:


1st one. The 2nd hairstyle always looks weird to me :woman_shrugging:


We have 56 different female hairstyles now :smiley: