[Limelight] New Short Hairstyles


He’s too hot, I’m hyperventilating




That’s a great update!

Waiting for KIppahs though :slight_smile:


I’m sure they will come! just continue to ask for them ! eventually they will release them!


I just wanna say, no hate to people who like the hairstyle, but the Medium Side Curls style that seems to be a favorite on guys, I honestly don’t like? Not that it’s bad or ugly or whatever, it just looks like such a douchy kind of haircut and makes me laugh :joy: It’s still really good though, probably use it in future.


which one ? :sweat_smile:


the Medium Side Curls


It’s cute but not my favorite. I just feel now it’s gonna become a continuous feature in LL stories.


Yeah, same here. I think, like, everyone is going to use it on the love interests now.


In my opinion it’s not a very special looking hair style :sweat_smile:


not me I like the long hair one
this one:


I like it because it legit looks like my crush’s hair style in real life. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face:


I reckon the rest of the character’s look determines whether their hair looks good, bad or douchey


Ya feel


OH DANG!! I wasn’t online yesterday, and these are SUCH A LOVELY SURPRISE! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

WOW, thanks so much Episode T.T

Man…that high & tight is ALMOST perfect T.T So lovely <3



They’re all so pretty :heart_eyes:


beautifull characters!


thxxx, I was trying to get the athletic/fighter/sporty vibe. I think I did okay :smile:


I love these!

Great job, guys!


I like that hairstyle. That dress is pretty too!!