[Limelight] New Short Hairstyles


@Dara.Amarie has all of the updated customisation options on her linktree! :heart:


Yes!!! it would be a great addition!!

if only i could do that style irl lmao


Same, lol. :joy:


Either i suck at styling my own hair, which could be true i can barely make a ponytail, or my hair is weird, or i just look terrible in messy buns! LOL!

Another hairstyle could be short pigtails. We already have pigtails, but they’re long hair. People with short hair have pigtails too! Or maybe that super cute hairstyle I love of a half pigtail. I do my hair that way.

Image result for short pigtails

Image result for half ponytail


Yesss! :heart_eyes:


ty! :heart:


We should have a half up bun hairstyle! Like when half of the hair is down and a small bun on top. That would be sooo cute!


In instant princess there were lots of unreleased tied up and long hairstyles. I’m soo excited for them to come out


Loving the new hair :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They look so pretty! :smiley:


A Tribute To My Favorite Comedian Of All Times –


Ellen Degeneres!


LOVE THE HAIRS :laughing:


how do you post pics ?


You can’t deny that my Korea-baby right here is cute :heart_eyes:
I’m literally in love with her, somebody help me :heart:


Too adorable. :heart_eyes_cat:




go to characters,right click and presss save image.If your on a computer


First one


She looks very extra…

Not trying to hate, sorry if you’re offended-