[Limelight] New Short Hairstyles



Darius (I’ve noticed I have like, no red-headed characters in my story even as BG characters lmao wtf)

Gabe (personal favorite look, better than the curly Ink version)


And finally… Cass on her wedding day :heart: Imani and Cass’s wedding gon be LIT.

I like how many of the short haircuts can be worn formally and semi-casual, unlike most other of the little selection of short haircuts that LL had. :slight_smile:


They look gorgeous!


Whose side are you on?



Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

I know this Marvel argument is outdated but I just wanted to be a dramatic and annoying a*shole :speak_no_evil: (oh! and also try out the new male short hairstyles!)

Okay, this is the LAST-EST tribute (I hope so) of mine to another of my famous and favorite person –


MICHELLE OBAMA!!! :yellow_heart:


I’m sorry but how does that character look even close to Michelle Obama?? :woozy_face: She isn’t even light skinned irl. :sob:

Love you Michelle. :heart::relieved:


I’m not thanks for the feedback!


I’m so sorry! The editing jinxed up a bit :sob: I will correct it right now :cry:


Well, she isn’t that dark either but hey, at least you learned from your mistake. :nail_care:t5::+1:t4:


Iron Man!!!


Oh, he*l to the no!
Steve Rogers all the way!


Steve Rogers :sparkling_heart: Tony :heart: Michelle :roll_eyes: :unamused:


I love all three :relieved::heart:


Yes! A queen!


thats exactly what my love interest looks like bahah


Tom Holland


deadass someone make tom holland
make my boy


Omg yayyyyy :heart:


ugh okay

I tried to make Natasha (Black widow) bc as soon as I saw the hair I thought of her

Then I tried peggy (THIS HAIRSTYLE IS HERS)

I couldn’t find the right eyes for her :confused:


Love these!


For black widow? Yeah I don’t think monolids are the best option haha


I feel attacked.

Wakanda Forever

Captain Marvel Forever too