[Limelight] Noses and Eyebrows


Hey everyone,

This week we’re going to be releasing some new eyebrows and noses for you all to use on your characters. For a full list of items being release please see below:

Furrowed Straight S
Furrowed Raised S
Straight Medium Scar

Roman Straight Broad
Straight Pointed
Straight Flat
Round Flared Downturned

Arched Natural Scar
Bushy Thick
High Arch Angled
Arched Short

Round Flared Downturned
Pointed Downturned
Broad Wide

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.


The Episode Team

Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)







I wonder if we have one of those razor cut (?) eyebrows. Lol the bad boys would reach their highest level


My character looking cute! She’s close to the ideal look I had for her.


Yo, does anyone know when episode is releasing more outfits for limelight?






Didnt we have like one flared nose omg now that I think about it, limelight was really a mess. Nice thing that they are updating tho


I was thinking that they might release some next week for Halloween… I have no idea though




40%20PM I love them on my character!!!


:relaxed: :heart_eyes:


I am so glad they did noses and eyebrows at once so we wouldn’t have to wait another week! Thanks episode! Much needed!


43%20PM Omg! My characters are starting to give me an uncanny valley vibe :eyes:


Love your Asian character, she’s sooo beautiful! :kissing_heart:


Thx youuu!!! ^^


I’m updating my characters YA’LL! ESKEEEEEETIT! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:


I saw that.