[Limelight] Noses and Eyebrows


I really hope we do get an update today :sob::sob::sob:




I fr bet we ain’t gettin nun


I’m hyperventilating what if there’s nothing?:weary:


I still have ptsd from last time when they forgot


Lol same


AND YOU’RE BACK! I thought you’d be gone forever


Last time we didn’t get anything we got the amazing hair types the week after that. So maybe if we get nothing today we’ll get something big again next week!




They could at least say there’s not gonna be an update today :roll_eyes:


Just trying to stay hopeful :joy:


Lmao I’ve just been laying around.


I’m literally gonna keep reloading the portal until I get the update.


You gon be reloading all day then sis


I’m gonna chill. Can y’all message me if they release an update?

Last time I wasted so much time refreshing, IM NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE!


I gotchu


is the update that they removed the pink speech bubbles?


No ion think so


i don’t know i logged on today and all of a sudden theyre telling me its not available


You just have to reselect them. It seems there was a little update that made the portal glitch a little bit. You just choose again and it’s fine!