[Limelight] Noses and Eyebrows


LOL when is was writing in the writers portal when I type an emotion for example:

FAYE (sad)
 I'm so sad

When I save a random animation enters which has a sad feeling

                                   **SYSTEM NOTIFICATION**
                                1 new animation(s) has been added.
   FAYE (talk_armraised_sad)
I'm so sad.

Lmoa imma dead this will change my life.


Hold up. Is this real???
That’s so USEFUL


ooo a new animation :eyes:


OMG this is amazing!


This feature has been in the portal for a long time - none of y’all have ever seen it? :joy:


Omg yes I remeber that lmao


Yeah, “Add Animation” has always been there and Joseph Evans did one of his first tutorials on it… and then people complained about the fact that it will give you super weird animations randomly, so Episode added the ability to just put emotions.


Well its 5 still no update over here.


Everyone, Episode has different time… I’m guessing there in California… so it’s 2:00 PM for them.

Oh, PDT is 2:00 Pm, so… a few more hours…




They usually have updated 1-2 hours ago


I hope that they don’t update anything like they did last time.



last time we got some backgrounds, but they did not announce it




Pretty sure that the Episode headquarters are in SF, which, is 2:05 right now. The updates are usually put out around now, or in the next hour or so.


I’m still wondering if they are gonna do it at 8:30 pm for me… when I have to take a shower for school, but I’m sick.






I think I did see the job application thing (up a while ago on their website) mention them being in SF, so! Yup! c:


It’s a shame. I’m in London, so it’s already 10:06pm for me. I usually like to see the new update before I have to prepare for my Friday James VI and I seminar


I always have to go to a website and find out what time it is in SF. My time is eastern time, so right now it’s 5:10 pm for me :ghost: