[Limelight] Noses and Eyebrows


It aint no few more hours it’s 5:11 for me they normally update around 3 some sooooooo we aint gettin no update


Inhaling a crap tonne of disappointment.


A few months ago we got a update it was 8:00 for me, I have no idea what there gonna do, but remember that they have a different time so… right now it’s 2:14 for them.



Spotlight, uh, moonlight, uh
Shawty look good in the moonlight

all the rest was curse words.


Episode gave me EVERYTHING–then took my heart and left me lonely.
I think broken portals are contagious–
They won’t fix, they let US WEEEEEEP!



I love the new updates and all, but it looks like a damn nightmare constantly changing CC templates at once. Especially for writers who let readers customize characters.

Just release them in larger batches, ffs. I really really really hope they let us have some new music. The ones we have available are getting boring, and some features from Love Life like the Fishtail are STILL not available :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Or in one big batch, but I know it won’t conveniently happen. :roll_eyes:


I’m lost then I’m found, but it’s torture to keep waiting–
I love when you give us updates–But I freakin’ hate when you don’t!


Still waiting for nothing


Actually this has happened before right before episode released the new hairs. So far it seems that when episode doesn’t update they are getting ready for something big.


Guys they might add the hairs they have been teasing us about on instagram!?!??!?!

Not the ones we got…
But, maybe they might add moles, and freckles too!!!


I really want some new lips too!




And that girls hair, from Love Life… I’m guessing Sydney?

The multi colored hair… and stuff…

And the clothes that they had were bomb, and P.O.S. P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S (Positively Princess?)


New hair and princessy clothes plEAS


Ok hold up, please tell me this is happening TODAY.
This is the first time I’ve ever gotten worked up over a LL update so like, they’re sort of disappointing me right now.


I was sleeping and I woke up, because I remembered it’s the releases day! :woman_facepalming:t4: But something was telling me Go Back To Sleep, nothing will be released today!

Huh, why didn’t I listen to myself :weary:


@Jesse I wish Liz is back soon :weary: She at least posted new thread every Thursday to calm our impatience even when there were no release.

I’m impatiently waiting for the end of the fall. Tell her to hurry back. :heart:


Guys we got freckles!!! :scream: