Limelight or Ink covers?I'll help!

Hey guys! I can help ya all with covers both edited and drawn . I will make them for free and as soon as possible. So if you have any trouble with cover art , luna’s art shop is always an option and please do mention my name in credits cause I put a lot of efforts in making covers for you guys!
Here’s an example:


Hey, can I have one?

My story is called Why Can’t This Be Love, and it’s INK. I’ll send the characters.

What else do you need?

Do you want a drawn cover?

I just want characters and the type of background you will prefer


image Image result for grass background

If you want any specific font then let me know

And please tell mw do you want them both standing like the poses you have sent??right

Yep, and no specific font.

Ok I’ll do it but it may take around two days since i have lots of homework😉

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Hii. I need help with a cover for my new story. Can you help?


You just need to send characters stnding in the poses you want them to nd background

You need to tell me the name of story too

Tnx. Here they are

She is cute! And can you plz send me a full pic


Gurl if u have any background then send me or else tell me what kind of background do you need and tell me if you want characters to face towards each other or not😊

You can use any background you want. And yes I want them to face each other. Mack(male character) should be on the right and Milo(female character) should be on the left. They should be holding hands and laughing. Thanks