Limelight or Ink covers?I'll help!

. The name of the story is MACK & MILO

Ok so I will make it within 4 days as I have some other requests too😅 I hope you can wait till then

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Hey @Chel_C! It’s Bella from “Artist wanted: Mystery story cover.” You told me to go here so I’m here. Did you see my description of what I would like for the cover? If not, then I can send it to you.

Hey Bella! Send me the description of what you want

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Okay here is a detailed description of what I would like for the cover. You don’t have to follow all of it if u don’t want to:
So, on the left of the cover there will be a grey wall covering maybe a quarter of the page. Skyler will be leaning against the wall looking like she is spying on someone. You can make an outfit for her if you want to, maybe something a spy would wear. Then maybe on the right there could be a car and she could be in a parking lot? Maybe something like that but you can add your own ideas to it too.

No prob. Tnx alottttttt

Ok Bella but I will be able start making your cover after 2 days

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Ur most welcome tabby😊

Hey Edward! I have completed your cover you can use it now and please do mention my name in credits😊
I wasn’t sure about text colour so I have made two . Feel free to choose anyone

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Oh my gosh so pretty❤️

Thx a lot❤

I bet you will find your one pretty too😋 by the way I will start working on it tomorrow😊

Hey could you help and make me one!
The story is called ‘Simply Complicated’ and it’s INK. I would also like them to be drawn. Is there anything else that you need?

Well send me your characters standing in the pose you want them to and send me a pic of your background too😊

If you don’t have a background pic then tell me what kind of background will you prefer

And tell me if you want to mention your name on story cover or not

They’re so adorable!

Thank you so much!


Hey! So these are the characters!

Also I’m fairly new to episode so i’m really sorry i couldn’t quite get them to pose the way I want them on the cover but I can describe it. If it’s too challenging then don’t worry about it i’m fine with them standing.
Pose description: I would like the male character to have him arm around the female character’s shoulder. I really hope it’s not too hard.

And here’s the background:


Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it :))