Limelight or Ink for Zombie Apocalypse story

Hey everyone! I’m writing a zombie apocalyptic story and ended up in a dilemma on which episode style to use. I understand that ink is used more and people like it more, but LL has a lot more clothing options and detail options that I can use in my story. I don’t know which one I should use? Please help lmao. Thanks!


I personally prefer that you use LL. Its more suitable for horror/graphical things. You are right, it has more clothing styles and is going to get updated regularly from now on. Ink? Not so much (sorry not sorry :sweat_smile:).
But the choice entirely depends on you :smiley:


It depends for myself. I like INK more but if the story is good I dont mind LL. You should pick which ever you would prefer. Both have a good fan base and I think you will do good either way.

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I prefer LL

I think LL is good in regards of more realistic skin tones.

Hell if you want you could do grades of zombie

(Kinda zombie to full grown zombie).

Personally, LL is my favorite but like previous comments, it’s your choice. Like @Days said, the skin tones for zombies is better than INK


If you want to use ink do it just know that there wont be any updates or new clothes and that for LL they are still releasing stuff