Limelight or Ink? Please help :)


I’m currently working on a story in Limelight style, however- I would really like to know if you were to give my story a chance, would you prefer it to be in Limelight or Ink? PLEASE TELL ME! tHANK yOU! :blush:


I prefer Ink but if your story had a good storyline I’d read it in Limelight. One of my stories is in Limelight so I can’t complain about reading Limelight stories. If you’ve started in in Limelight and you’re happy with it in Limelight, then continue it in Limelight. :woman_shrugging:t3::slight_smile:

~ Winter xx


Well, I’m kinda new at this but I’m really trying my best to do this but thank you anyways, I appreciated it! :relaxed:


Limelight or ink doesn’t matter if the story is great… It’s up-to, like if you feel writing the story in limelight will help you express your story in more effective way then go for it … I wish you luck for the story👍
Vivainah :heart:




Thank you so much for your kind words! :blush: :heart:


most of people prefer limelight including me because it has realistic features and it look good and more realistic


Your most welcome !!:heart:


limelight is actually etter if you want a more real expirience




definitely limelight. it seems more realistic to me. ink , imo, is like really cartoony whilst limelight seems more real :slight_smile:




INK! I think it has more expressive behaviours and better outfits! Limelight look a bit creepy to me… Most of the people actually prefer INK. But if you like Limelight better, do Limelight!


Go with limelight. It’s kind of new (ok, it’s been around for some time, but for a way less time than ink) so I suggest going with that style (besides, you’ve already started in it, right?) And limelight, I believe, since it’s the latest style, is getting the most updates. Plus, more people are curious to check it out, and read stories in that style, including me. And limelight has grown on me XD Before I hated it, but now I do love it <3 Of course, if you’re still unsure, you could publish an ink version, as well as a limelight version, of your story. :black_heart:


Go with ink I love it :heart_eyes: