Limelight or Ink stories?


Hey, I’m writing a story for the latest competition and I’m wondering if you prefer to read ink or limelight. I personally prefer ink but i want your opinion.


I am gonna say…INK!!!


I personally like INK more :heart:


Ink :heart:


i’d go with INK, especially if it’s for the new contest. i personally believe there is a larger selection of Fantasy clothes in INK.


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INK I definitely prefer INK


I like limelight, (please don’t kill me) because I think it looks more realistic, and besides, the outfits are pretty! Limelight is kind of a mash-up of the legacy style and the ink style. I think ink is more comic-book like and legacy has bad graphics… (Also, don’t kill me if you like legacy style books) The conclusion of this is DONT KILL ME


I get what you mean :joy:. Ink in my opinion is a good style and I enjoy reading/writing Ink stories but I do get you point :slight_smile:. My conclusion is I won’t kill you … yet… :joy::slightly_smiling_face: jokes


Limelight :heart_eyes: