Limelight or ink?


I want to start writing my first story but I don’t know what style to use…


Choosing a style to use depends on a number of things (most importantly which style you like the most.) Depending on what your story is about and what will happen I would look at the clothing options for both styles to see which style has outfits that would be good for your story.

In the end, it all depends on what style you like the most and which one would work well with your story.



I like your name :joy:


Anytime! and thanks!


I agree, you should choose what you like and what fits well with the story. Both styles are popular, so I don’t think you would get less reads because you write in either INK or Limelight.


I prefer ink but, whatever works best with story.
For example, clothes, animations, style etc.
Hope this helps! :grinning:


I like limelight so much because it has more facial features and hairstyles and haircolors and eyecolors and skin tones plus the clothes are so much better but on limelight you can’t test out your story on the app by playing it before you publish and ink is my favorite style because it’s so I did in my comfort zone because I almost always play the story’s that are ink. Also I think you should be able to give the readers a choice of which style you want even though I know that’s impossible