Limelight Overlays

Hey guys, so I’m writing a limelight story and am really struggling to find any arm and leg overlays, I have INK versions and am looking for similar ones but in limelight. (Still needed)

If anyone knows any google docs or anything with some in that would be really helpful thanks :smiley: These are the sort of things I’m looking for:
Female%20Light%20Clutch Female%20Light%20Leg%20Left Female%20Light%20Leg%20Right

On IG. :slight_smile:

I just looked on her Linktree and couldn’t see any LL overlays…

The website episode life has some arm overlays

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

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Hey, if you still need some, episode_jones has some too

Don’t forget to credit her

Wow, I did still need some! Thanks so much these are exactly what I was looking for!

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No problem

bump :wink: