[Limelight] Pajama Party

Yes! I wanted my character to have a scar and freckles to but whoopty Doo! lol

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Not “Whoopty Doo” though!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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when did I body shamed? I said it was anoying so many people used a bra as evryday school . its a bra its something you have a shirt over or something. most of this stories are high school stories,and since they are american I am sure it would break dress code,

it has nothing to do with body shaming, its that its not realistick.


I’m not Rivera but regarding the dress-code, I live in California and our dress code is very similar to crop tops, under shirts, and bras. It’s extremely hot and our school let’s us wear that. I also use to live in Missouri and it would get colder there but they would still let us wear that kind of thing because it was our choice, not the schools or anyone else’s. It’s 2020 going on 2021, wearing that kind of stuff is pretty realistic because people aren’t ashamed of their body and make their own decisions about what to wear,

Then again, I know you don’t live in America (from forums and you saying that) and most episode stories are based in America so it might just not be common from where you are from but it’s very common in America.


Tired of every female update being revealing

I just want COZY MODEST CLOTHING(also edgy alt clothing tht fits tht too)


I love the new update! But it would be NICE to have modest clothing! But thanks for the new update! It’s totes cute!!

I love it!

i love it

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Thank you queen :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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