[Limelight] Play Ball


Yeah like 2 animations for it? And it’s not for playing the sport. :roll_eyes:


Oml, this is hilarious.
But I thought that this update was going to be a big hit


Having flashbacks to the really boring and cringe play from elementary school about sports history :sob::sob::sob:


XD lol


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I think these pants matched the top more (it fits so well!) :rofl:


Stop giving them ideas :see_no_evil:


Thanks ^^ I love themboys! I would have made Ian Kinsler, but the traitor left!! >.< :anger:


They look really cute too!


People who are in time zone GMT +10 see the updates on Friday, your Thursday their Friday.


That’s actually - kind of - a cute pj :thinking:
Thanks for the tip.


Could everyone stop being so mean there are people who might need those clothes and the episode team makes sure evereone has what they need.:upside_down_face:

Also could you add more dresses and fancy tops like the INK has.:grin:


The point is that they are ignoring the stuff that we actually want from them. For example, cheerleading, football, basketball clothes. Especially, backgrounds now that they like to forbid certain things :slight_smile: … and second of all, how does baseball contribute to adventurous contest? :woman_shrugging:t4: They could have released some bandages, wounds, scars, etc… nope, baseball is important.

Have you seen a story with baseball? Nope, me neither. But I see a “I fell for a bad boy baseball player” story coming up.


By ‘Play Ball’ i thought we were getting basketball, football and cheerleading outfits…

instead it’s just baseball. 1 top, 1 pair of pants and sneakers.
what an utterly useless update.


You call people mean for asking for things… yet you do the same thing? Huh?




And from what I said before, no ones obligated to like the update. It’s not that much of a good one. I kinda liked it and will be using it but still, overall it’s bad.


Seriously? I was really hoping for some cheerleader and american football outfits. Or y’know, backgrounds considering what’s going on. But ey, new pjs.


I’m gonna have to go with no


Now come we still don’t have this?