[Limelight] Play Ball




I want farmer overalls for episode omggg


Yes from Instant Princess would be nice!!!


Truee. I’ve literally seen that particular outfit in one of the featured INK stories, it’s long overdue for the portal.


I do agree with the other people that have responded to you in a way. I think people are just a little taken back that this is the type of update we get, its one of those stand alone subjects, yes there might be a group of people who need these outfits but when you think of the general public, those people want more variety, if we are talking in terms of sports clothing. Also the other people commenting on here are airing their frustrations because after the drama with episode assets, I think people were expecting to get some background updates to help the situation. Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, as are you.

Anyway to finish this off I agree with your request…
Also could you add more dresses and fancy tops like the INK has.:grin:


Absolutely, the dresses in that would be great, I loved them. But I really just want some princess type dresses, longer ones for more formal occasions and maybe slightly shorter ones for more casual things. I’d also love some pencil skirts and blouses like the ones in Ink :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for this too…

It’s in the avatar but not in portal…


Just going to put my two cents in as someone who wrote a story about sports.

I had an INK story where lacrosse played a BIG role. It was so important in the story that I just couldn’t narrate it or remove it. I directed scenes using the clothing (it’s for American football, but it works for lacrosse too) we have and I uploaded my own overlays/backgrounds.

But I can’t make this story in Limelight, (which I REALLY want to) because I, we, don’t even have American football uniforms.

So, it’s not the case of being ungrateful or mean, it’s just I can’t work around these, neither can anyone else.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I agree with you, sorry if it came off wrong lol


I agree but I mentioned this to a few other people don’t be too disheartened if you can’t use them in the way you think they are only used for, for example to make a point of being creative I made two grandparents wear the off white baseball uniforms as matching pajamas.


Well what you say is true but we’re also mad about the episode assets thing and everyone we ask for something it’s been ignored which also males it hard to bear it’s been months even years since we’ve been asking.


I know I am upset too, I am at a loss of what to do with my story now, so I am just character designing for people until they sort it out and I can finish my story.


And you know that when you search for bgs on the internet and when you zoom it’s you know low quality


Episode can’t just pull 20 new backgrounds out of their ass in a week… they need to make them which can take a while.


I think we all know that but its not the problem.


Maybe they didn’t have enough time to make animations, and I’m angry too that they didn’t make this a football and/or soccer update. But what can we do? Maybe this is them saying “Hey, we’re doing sports stuff, stay tuned!” I mean probably not, but…



I mean, we do have a right to be upset and say that. How else are they going to know if the update did well or not? We don’t have to suck up to them all the time haha. That would just make them take advantage.

It’s always a good idea to show if you’re not happy with something. Otherwise we’d still have that ranking update. :sweat_smile:


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Yaaay… i guess?


Ok. Sure. Lets say i wanted to make a story about baseball. Where are the backgrounds? Overlays? Animations? Props? Hun if you gonna decide to release an update like this make sure it got all the things we need.


I feel like this week the artists just had one of those days where they were like: “Ya know what? I’m gonna draw this cause I want to. Time to take a lazy day”

(I can’t hate too much thought cause i’m still drooling over the new hairstyles from last update)