[Limelight] Play Ball


I honestly don’t mind the bottoms and the shoes -even tho the shoes look kinda wonky. I most likely won’t use them as a baseball uniform, but just as normal sneakers and pants, they are kinda cute. The shirts are quite bad tho, the only way I could imagine using them is being like a “you got dress coded so now you need to wear this ugly shirt so everyone knows” -shirt…


I agree.


those look like night clothes tbh



there is a shit ton of stuff that they refuse to release which is why people are angry


Why am I here wasting my time when I can be dreaming about the hidden assets YOU DIDN’T EVEN CONSIDER :imp:


Maybe if you ditch the shirt it could work…:rofl:


But seriously now: this update is quite disappointing, guys. It doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever and after setting restrictions on the backgrounds, I think you can’t blame people for getting really pissed at this.

I’m thankful for all the wonderful updates on hair, studs and stuff you’ve done before, I really am (even though sadly my time to actually write my stories to use them in is very limited since spring last year R.I.P.), but it probably would’ve been even better to just ditch this update and release something awesome that was requested next week than to pull this tbh :sweat_smile: .


Grateful for the new updates, but I’d really appreciate these updates being spent on backgrounds, more INK clothing options, more animations, etc.


They stopped work on ink


They did? That’s really unfortunate :frowning: I know many authors are still using INK, however, so it’s sad that they’re no longer updating


I agree it’s a bit of a niche outfit choice. But, since we have it now, I figured I’d use it in my Adventurous entry contest, LOL.


:joy: did he get hit?


Poor Gramps :joy:


I like to imagine it juuuust missed him, but I guess it’s all up to the reader’s interpretation :laughing:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: nice.


The bat went flying lol!!


Lol about the shirt.
My school does that, you’re forced to wear gym shirts. Usually though, the kids don’t want to change, so they get ISS or detention.


That sucks… Lol we don’t even have a dresscode :sweat_smile:


Update today. :cowboy_hat_face::call_me_hand:t4: Yee yee.