[Limelight] Play Ball


Omg!! I love it


bat flyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn XDDD :joy:


Yep! let’s see what we are going to have today. :sunglasses:


There should be a baseball helmet or cap too


Oh yessss we definitely need those!!!


Yeah, when this update first announced, I thought, “At least maybe I’ll use the hats at some point.” Then there weren’t any. It’s a pretty conspicuous thing to leave out of a baseball update, as it’s the element of a baseball uniform that you see worn on AND off the field most.


Omg you watch that guy on YT too?? :smiley:


There should be a baseball hat without the ebi.


Yeah. Male avatars have that shiny silvery one, but that’s not really versatile. I’m surprised this update didn’t come with a few plain, solid-color hats.




I never said that people who ask are mean I meant that people who say that those clothes are useless are mean because you can find lots of combinations to add them


They are useless because we have no animations or backgrounds for it. Plus, not everyone needs to find every update useful to them. When did we have to? Because you say so? No, we don’t. Not everything will be a use to us and we have a right to say that.


still a hypocrite