[Limelight] Play Ball


Uniforms for the one sport basically no one writes about? Yeah… I mean, it’s not that I don’t appreciate it, I do, but literally any other sports uniform would have been better (Football, American Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, Fencing, Swimming… Just… Any other).


Yes I got the same, the outfits from featured stories are so, cool and unique but they still aren’t on portal yet unfortunately…

I mean just look at those:







Unfortunately you have to pay gems to wear these outfits which makes it way less fun to play those original Episode stories…


A lot of the outfits you show are Episode gem choice outfits, so a lot of them will never be released to community authors.


We snappin!! @AWeirdo @ELx


and that’s a shame I understand that they have contracts with some brand sometimes, but come one they’re not even use them for only one specific story, they’re using it for all they’re featured stories … I know we’re lucky that they still gives us some new outfits every once in a while and even if we sometimes got really good new features , I still feel like we receive a lot of “crappy” clothes and that their keeping a great majority of stunning assests only for their own use …


It would have been nice to have animations and props for this. Why give is these with only one prop and that’s the baseball bat? Only like two animations work with this? And the only ones are not sporting animations. It just comes off as useless update.


Is this punishment for using Hidden Backgrounds? :sweat_smile:




Thank you for these! I hope you’ll consider making hockey uniforms in the future :slight_smile:


I hate to say this…but those outfits can be used for inmate outfits. Minus the shoes. It’s strange.


yall should of released dirty clothing and scars for the adventurous contest




Another reason why Episode needs to give us similar ones to their featured stories idky nobody is fighting for that?


Awfully bold of you to assume that we gotta wait just a week, than years :sob::joy:


I was so excited for a football uniform, but instead we got some ratchet looking pjs, or they kinda look like bowling. Either way it’s ratchet and you’ve already fricked up this week. At least give us something we will use (like idk BACKGROUNDS SINCE YOU BANNED A TON)




the clothes are cute. i’ll use them when my characters are doing the walk of shame.




These look like pyjamas? I liked the update until I saw the clothes themselves.



share yall thoughts here - I feel like we’re gonna start being flagged soon