[Limelight] Play Ball


I feel disappointed by this. I’m glad that we have sports themed items, but we have nothing to go along with this. We have no baseball hats, animations, or anything of that matter to use this with.


New story idea: #BaseBALLSIsLife :stuck_out_tongue:


Sleepwear or baseball or bowling mini game. A horror story/love story ghost attire when they had died. A tuxedo, using the pants only. Police that wear cleats to chase easily. Mafia that wear cleats as a way to kill off another character. Many more. Thats what I got from it.


They look like sleepwear to me…


Jeez. U are creative. :+1:




To be fair they have the bat one :laughing:


Not particularly happy with this update. I could see these as cute sweats, gym wear and sleep wear but that’s about it. I thought it would be animations…though it makes sense considering the last animation update we got was last month.

Hope next update will be better :slight_smile:


I would sleep in this tbh
However I would never sport in outfits like this


LOL omgh. I love that images!


i laugh a lot in the last part :joy:


my inner hoe jumped out😭
I don’t know what episode thought they was doing.
These looks like pj’s.


So I found the best Episode could do with the Baseball outfit update.

So of course I used the soccer field for the background because well why wouldn’t you have a soccer field for baseball. I found the only prop and animation for baseball too. Which really looks like some dude was woken up in the middle of the night by some intruder.


Oh well look at this way, someone said they wanted more pajamas so gotta be happy with that, although I think grandma and grandpa will be wearing these to bed, I don’t see a young hot guy wearing them, especially on a special night with a special someone :laughing::laughing:


“Hey baby! You want some of this long bat.”
“I could go a thousand mile to hit a home run for you.”
“Baby, I swing both ways.”
:laughing::laughing::laughing: NOOOOOOO!!


Your right. I can’t see it. It’s too funny.


so… pajamas?


Not only they can be Pj’s, but the pants can be great use for sweatpants for going for a jog, working out at a gym, or even just chilling in the couch :smiley: BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE!!! You can also use baseball tee’s as casual clothing for street wear or for your tomboy characters’ wardrobe :scream::scream:

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It’s such a US-centric update. I like it when updates can be used in loads of different contexts. Not many other countries play baseball and not many of those countries that do dress in the same way.

So it’s a strong “meh” from me. Ok, cool. I’m sure some stories I like might find use for these things. I never will.


There’s also not much we can do with this update. I mean, it’s not like we can make them play baseball. The fast run animation looks foolish. There’s no animations for hitting a baseball without looking like you’re going down a creepy basement in a horror film. There are no backgrounds, I think.

I’d have preferred some new backgrounds.