[Limelight] Play Ball


She looks like she’s on a bowling team


There’s more coffee in Episode stories than baseball, JS


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Caitoriri managed to do bat swings in her zombie stories, didn’t she?
Off-screen, of course, and with spotting and overlaying.


It works a lot easier when you’re smashing up zombies. I mean, how unnatural would it look for a winning hit to be offscreen?


This update is a no for me, dawg… :slightly_frowning_face: I mean I really like how baseball shirts look but…meh


Well, it could be a temporary alternative until we get the complimentary animations.


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I saw play ball and my first thought was ‘Soccer’? But this is fine! nor really pero like… chokes up a bit I can wait


There shouldn’t really be a need for a temporary alternative. They should release stuff that will be helpful to us and not just whatever suits their fancy. If they’re going to deck us out with a whole baseball wardrobe instead of stuff like army uniforms or modest clothing or backgrounds or wheelchairs or princess dresses or anything like that, at least give us a way to use it?

But unfortunately, this update is pretty much useless to me anyway, since Baseball is one of very few sports that are rarely played anywhere else but the US.


Yeah, I agree totally… but we have to use these assets, after all.
That’s why pajamas exist, dolls! :joy::joy:


Lol I guess I could use them for that purpose, but I think I’m just going to not use them. I’d have rather seen an actual pyjama update, lol


That’s if we do, cause with the other outfits we haven’t.


Lol they won’t even give us matching clothes for the original stuff they released. I mean, no one can honestly tell me that these don’t look like they should be paired with a long skirt… like victorian attire


I mean, they didn’t even take the time to check if the Mulberry hood thing could be worn with hair… or without


I agree. There is a lot of things that don’t compliment each other like. I don’t see how they can’t look at a particular subject and go, ok so Baseball - Props, Mitts, baseball ball, Overlays, baseball bases, outfits, helmet, knee pads, Backgrounds: Baseball Pitch, Dug out, Sounds, bat hitting ball, strike, hitting dirt… that kind of thing.


Guess they don’t have an art director to sort that kinda stuff out ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I wanna know who drew the Mulberry hood. Like, didn’t they check it on a character? It doesn’t work with any hairstyle


Which you think they would.


You would HOPE! But I mean, all evidence lately points towards there being no direction in the slightest, least of all artistically >.>