[Limelight] Play Ball


I really really love that you did this comment and I think you made my day.


Ok I am upset about lack of content but these are super accurate props to you dude :clap:



Now I can… plagiarise Twilight, I guess?
Edit: Ok which one of y’all got big mad and flagged this


Omg :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yep. Does episode really expect us to make our characters wear a victorian top with short shorts or mini skirts? :joy:


Lol I feel like making a character a baseballplayer just to include this stuff


Or a flex./comic relife character
Wears the uniform everywhere and talks about generic baseball stuff,speaks(sparingly) in puns. And is harmlessly flirty.
But has never stepped foot or played baseball.
Maybe talented at other stuff idk


I can finally pair these shoes and violet pants :smiley::joy:


I’ve used the Victorian top with high waist pants for a elderly lady or Teacher


But damn, he’s still missing his socks :weary:


I’m not going to lie, at first I was like “Thats it” :roll_eyes: Then I went to the portal and started creating and using it for non-baseball related outfits, so it was useful. Thank you for helping my characters look fly lol.

Kind Suggestion: Can we get a massive amount of backgrounds next Thursday, since the " Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits" is causing many of us to remove edited backgrounds from our stories. And can they please be backgrounds that are relative to the animations and clothing that already exist? Just a kind suggestion.

Thanks again for this release! The pants make cute joggers when paired with long tops or the tied flannels and the tops look cute with shorts and chokers. They also make really cute pajamas and couple-matching outfits.


These are nice and all but we could use more cultural outfits as well as Princessy dresses and other royal type outfits.


i had to google out what baseball is actually


Indeed, that’s what I’m saying you have to pay gems to wear them.

That’s so stupid… but it’s weird too, because some hairstyles from Positively Princess are already released and I wrote on Instagram accounts that other hairstyles such as from My First Everything are already made and will be released soon as well so, I’m not sure if you’re right tho


What about basketball and football Animations and clothes and the option to create a props like overlays


How is Baseball gonna help in the stories for Adventurous Contest, I got no idea :expressionless:


Nice question, Like seriously what point does it have?


Lots of negativity here… I do understand but on the other hand, I think these are pretty versatile. The bottoms and shoes can easily be worn as casual outfits combined with other items. Maybe even the tops… I really like them :slight_smile:



Well, news flash: People have opinions. No one has to like the update. I do, but eh. It’d be nice if they gave us animations for it.