[Limelight] Play Ball


I agree.
Lots of animations needed but we get clothes that some don’t even have a use for.


Never said anything about anyone HAVING to like the update :slight_smile: Just stated MY opinion of it. Sure it would be nice to have the animations, but seeing Episode’s behaviour lately, they don’t really listen to what we say anyway…


:pensive: Yeah…


This is amazing dude!


I am willing to pay real money to get to use the yellow dress in the last pic in my stories!!! :sob::scream:


You may have swayed my mind… lovin’ the look in the first and second picture!


Don’t forget about the MANY ink users here xx


Ink is discontinued. They will be releasing the rest of the closet though.


I know but it would be nice if they released new thing for ink too from time to time as there’s still a majority of people who read or write in ink if that makes sense :confused:


What type update is this? :expressionless:


Episode how about instead of releasing art works and all of that you adress the whole background situation? And make clothing that we writers asked for? Like football, cheerleader, etc.

I’m getting the vibe that we are a joke to you. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


That’s true, almost everyday you see requests that people ask from episode for things likes cheerleader and football outfits and new animations. The point is we might probably be a joke to them


For real its like.

Writers: Hey episode we like limelight but could you make cheerleader and football clothing because we really want it for our stories! :grin:

no one asks for baseball clothing

Episode: Here have some football clothing! :smiley:


Exactly, we’ve been asking that for probably months but instead we get FOOTBALL CLOTHING that probs doesn’t even have a proper use


And without shoes they literally look like pj’s


They lucky the top and shoes are cute.


Right @AWeirdo? :sob::joy:


But honestly the tops are cute but they don’t look like at all like football wear


Right. :sob::confounded:


Yayy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s kind of a cool look, something I would wear myself!