[Limelight] Play Ball




Guess these tops were worth it.


In a way…



I think that’s what most surprises me about this update. I get that there will be niche assets in updates that can be used in some stories but not others, though I have seen a lot more demand for cheerleading and football uniforms than baseball, and knowing there are cheer and football assets that exist (at least, I’ve seen American football uniforms in official stories), I’d have expected to see them released first.

Honestly, I don’t write sports stories and have no horse in this particular race (more use for hazmat and space suits in my stories!), but as an outside observer, I just find it a weird thing to prioritize in terms of athletic updates. One might say it has really come out of left field. Ba dum tss :sunglasses:


They update every week?


Every Friday if I’m not wrong


why aren’t the outfits good on their own? why are they better for sleep or casual wear?.. they’re supposed to be baseball outfits??

i- episode?


Friday and Thursday depending on your time zone.


:joy: I think that’s what we’re all wondering


They update Thursday for me at around 15:30.


Maybe it is foreshadow for upcoming story??


Well, I truly admire Limelight lovers now. You get this useless update and somehow find a way to take a look at the bright side: new PJs!

Episode, be grateful. You have many loyal and tolerant users. In fact, I think some of them may be way too tolerant. Enjoy it while it lasts.

And seriously, nice bed clothes.


A story about baseball?


I guess?? Idk


Lol why not?
Then they can make all these innuendos about the star bad boy baseball player getting to first/second/third base or hitting a home run :see_no_evil:

I can totally see that in a featured story


XD Those secret innuendos really do sound like Episode


There are already baseball animations and baseball bat prop


“You are the manager of a men’s baseball team because it was your dead parent’s dream or something. Will you hit a home run in love with the bad boy star pitcher, or will you strike out when you find out he’s OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE?”

*For anything under 50 diamonds you have to read the entire story dressed as the team’s giraffe mascot.


I’ve never seen a Friday update, I always see them every Thursday.


Yes- to defend yourself against attackers. Not to actually play baseball.